Blaise, Valerian and Tiago, 3 european globe-trotters since university, who fell in love with Mexico during their first stay there back in 2015; and more particularly with the region of Quintana Roo where they finally settled down during the pandemic of 2020.

With our experience in real estate in Europe, we decided to create our company and launch it in Tulum to offer eco-friendly luxury projects.

The idea was to deal with two main matters in the region:

  • The lack of housing in a region where demand is greater than supply.
  • To participate in the creation of this new city while respecting the nature which makes the strength and the fame of this paradise.



Beyond a real estate company, BVT Development is also the dream of three European entrepreneurs named Blaise, Valerian and Tiago, who came together to embark on a new professional adventure after building and consolidating a solid and successful career in Switzerland, France and Canada.

Our goal is to become real estate developers and operators who are recognized for their reliability, customer service and participation in social and environmental projects in Tulum.

Our ambition is to work with local entrepreneurs and actors that are respectful of the environment. We aim for our sustainable projects to also have a social impact in the region.



Our Vision

Our motto is sustainability in the full sense of the word. For BVT Developments, this means a conception of the world as one big playground where human beings and nature come together as one.

All our initiatives and projects are in line with this, we aim to leave a prosperous planet for future generations.

We study and share various ways to integrate sustainable energies and technologies in our daily actions to demonstrate that we can contribute to make a difference for the future generations, allowing them to enjoy a better environment.

That better future is to start in the Caribbean coast of Mexico...